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Nostalgic hot-spring town! Tuetate Onsen

Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Spa (Oita/Kumamoto)

2017/02/06   -Kyushu, Oita

The next day after enjoying the Kannawa Hot Spa(Onsen), I rent a motorcycle to "Tuetate Hot Spring → Hita (Mameda)". You can rent a car. You can move to "Tuetate Onsen/Spa" or "Hita" by public transportation. Yufugawa Valley First of all I visited the Yufugawa Valley. According to information gained in advance, there are places where the road has been stopped due to the landslide that occurred in the summer of 2015 / Kumamoto · Oita earthquake (January 2017). So I head to "Tsubaki entrance". I reached "Tsubaki entrance" and I was able to get off to the Yufugawa Valley. ...

Takachiho Kyo Gorge,(Miyazaki)

Takachiho Kyo Gorge,Kunimigaoka(Miyazaki)

Takachiho is known for its beautiful valley. It is also known as Kagura(Kagura is a performance dedicated to God). ▼【Youtube】The town of Myths and Legends Shinto・Takachiho Takachiho Amaterasu Railway "Super cart" run the trace of "Takachiho Railway Takachiho Line" which became an obsolete line in December 2008. Departing from the former "Takachiho station", will cross the "Takachiho bridge" known as the highest railway bridge in Japan in the active era, and come back. It is about 30 minutes round trip. While watching rural scenery such as rice terrace, Super Cart runs. The rice terraces of Takachiho are quite good. Super cart is ...

Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu

Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita)

From Oita Airport, You arrived at Kannawa Onsen. Now, let's enjoy Kannawa Onsen. ============ 1.Speaking of Kannawa Onsen, "Steam"!!4 ways to enjoy steam 1-1.Enjoy Steam Food at Facilities 1-2.Enjoy Steam Food at hotel,Ryokan 1-3.Enjoy Steam foot bath 1-4.Enjoy "kannawa mushiyu" 2.Let 's take a walk through Kannawa Onsen area. 3.【Homemade】Kannawa Onsen walk map ============ 1.Speaking of Kannawa Onsen, "Steam"!!4 ways to enjoy steam Kannawa area has benn famous for Steam Food, Jigoku-mushi, since the Edo period . Jigoku-mushi use hot steam from the jigoku onsen. 1-1.Enjoy Steam Food at Facilities There are two facilities where you can enjoy "Steam Food, ...

Foot Spa@Oita Airport

Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa)

I will show you how to enjoy Oita airport, and access to Beppu station and Kannawa Onsen(Spa). How to enjoy Oita Airport Let's eat Local food Oita prefecture has lots of specialties. At Oita Airport, you can eat specialty dishes from Oita Prefecture. Set meals that can eat Oita specialty "Dango soup" and "Chicken rice" together. Ryukyu-Bowl The bowl that fish fillet with soy sauce(and so on) on rice ▼Nanase (Japanese) http://www.oita-airport.jp/en/shops/5.html ▼There is also a sushi shop:Sora http://www.oita-airport.jp/en/shops/6.html Let's enjoy Foot Spa There is a foot spa sourced from a free-flowing hot spring available to use free of charge. ...

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)

Let's go in the express A train♪+ Amakusa cruise(1 day)Kumamoto

2016/10/20   -Kumamoto, Kyushu

I came back on the train from Hitoyoshi Hot Spa/Onsen to Kumamoto Station And I enjoyed Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train" and Amakusa Cruise. ※Time schedule is on August 2016. ※Because there is a case the time schedule is changed, please check with each official website. 【10:35 Kumamoto Station】Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train" JR Kyushu has a lot of tourist train. I enjoyed the one of those trains. "Barbarian culture transmitted to the Amakusa of the 16th century" is the theme. The train got the name from a jazz standard number "Take ...

[National treasure] Aoi Aso shrine

9Spots You must go in Hitoyoshi Hot Spa/Onsen(Kumamoto)

2016/10/03   -Kumamoto, Kyushu

Hitoyoshi spa town is located about two and a half hours riding on the SL(steam locomotive) from Kumamoto Station. Because there is a lot of attractions in the range of walking, I recommended Hitoyosi spa for those who travel by public transport. 1.Chestnut lunch box at Hitoyoshi Station lunch Yamaguchi I was attracted by shape of lunchbox!! Chestnut rice taste sweet. 2."Okadome-Kofuku Station" of the Kuma River railway "Kofuku" means "happiness" in Japan. Kuma River railway has the only station including "Kofuku(happiness)", "Okadome-kofuku Station". Nice train has run. Angel was flying Angel in the front of the "Okadome-Kofuku Station" If ...

Isshōchi Station

[Kumamoto departure] Train Journey by the SL(steam locomotive) Hitoyoshi

2016/09/25   -Kumamoto, Kyushu

I enjoyed the the SL(steam locomotive)trip from Kumamoto Station to Hitoyoshi Onsen(Hot spa) about in 2.5 hours. Kumamoto Station Now, it is the beginning of the journey Interior is also nice This steam locomotive's Nickname is"86(hachi-roku)" This steam locomotive's Nickname is"86(hachi-roku)" ,Because it is "8620 series". Kumamon was on this steam locomotive with a pendant of the "86". Homemade "Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi attractions MAP in SUMMER" The Staff of Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi gave us homemade Map. Trains are stopping about 5 minutes or 10 minutes, depending on the station. So you can take pictures. Yashiro Station I saw the great ...

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Station sightseeing spots(Kumamoto)

Kumamoto Station Area is likely to be the "pass point",from Kumamoto Station to the Kurokawa hot spring, Aso Station. But around Kumamoto station, there are some charming tourist spots!! Sightseeing train at Kumamoto Station There are several tourist train ,which Kumamoto Station is the starting station. They recommend "View from the train window" . But Vehicle body is luxury, and nice. Let's looking at the tourist train, or get inside before departure from the station. ※You need aa Admission ticket of the station SL Hitoyoshi(Steam Locomotive) Steam locomotive runs between Kumamoto Station and Hitoyoshi Station The train interior is wonderful(* ̄∇ ̄*) ...

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)

2016/09/15   -Kumamoto, Kyushu

======== 1.What is the "Okoshiki Beach"? 2.【Choices.1】Let's go to the observatory 3.【Choices.2】View from a train window limited express "Take the A Train". 4.【Choices.3】See from the window of the bus "Amakusa-go" ======== 1.What is the "Okoshiki Beach"? Okoshiki Beach has been chosen to "Japanese Beach hundred election". When the tide is caught, it will appear beautiful sand pattern. About 10 days a year, low tide and sunset are overlap. In that time, photographers will rush・・・ So, let's visit the "Okoshiki Beach" about two hours before and after low tide. →low tide and sunset time of "Okoshiki Beach" 2.【Choices.1】Let's go to the ...

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Aso area in Kumamoto Prefecture. After the disaster of April 2016, public transportation network has been disrupted. September 2016, public transportation network is in the mid-recovery. So if you can use a rental car, you can enjoy Aso now. However, if you would like to move in public transport, it is better to wait till public transportation network recovery. National Route 57 ↓ Road Station Otsu Otsu's specialty is "KARAIMO(Sweet potato)" So you can enjoy Taiyaki KARAIMO taste. ↓ Prefectural road 225 ↓ Green Road south Aso You can see the great ...

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