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Okinoerabu-jima island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

Travel by ferry on the Amami Islands【7 nights 8 days】 model course(Kagoshima)

As a World Heritage candidate in January 2017, it was decided to officially recommend "Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Northern Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island" as a natural heritage to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ※ The schedule is as of July 2017. ※ Check the current ship's time etc on each official website 1.About ferries of Naha (Okinawa) ⇔ Amami Islands (Kagoshima) Naha (Okinawa) ⇔ Amami Islands ⇔ Kagoshima ferries have departed one cruise a day. The two companies "Marix Line" and "Marue Ferry" are alternatingly in service each day. ▼Marix Line/マリックスライン http://www.marixline.com/ ▼MaruA Ferry/マルエーフェリー http://www.aline-ferry.com/index.html You ...

Kikaijima Island Sightseeing 19Spots(Amami,Kagoshima)

I have been island hopping with Amami archipelago with "Yoron Island" "Okinoerabujima" "Tokunoshima" "Amami Ooshima" by ferry. There is no "Kikai Island" on the ferry route from Naha(okinawa) to Kagoshima. However, you can go by air from Amami Oshima and Kagoshima. Let's visit Kikaijima Island. 1.Kikaijima Island Sightseeing Spots 2.Access to Kikaijima Island, traffic on the island 3.【Map】 Amami archipelago island hopping 1.Kikaijima Island Sightseeing Spots 1-1.The power spot of Kikaijima's number one!Tekutuku Huge Banyan According to the Kikaijima sightseeing MAP, this Banyan has a branch width of 42 M, 16 m around the stem. It was no longer distinguishable ...

Kouchiyama Observatory@Amami Oshima Island(Kagoshima)

Amami Oshima Island(Kagoshima)

Amami Oshima is the island which is the center of the "Amami archipelago" between Kagoshima and Okinawa Prefectures. Amami Oshima is not very friendly to English. You may as well visit with friends who can speak Japanese. 1.Access to Amami Oshima Island 2.Amami Oshima Island sightseeing spot 3.Specialties of Amami Oshima 4.【MAP】Amami Archipelago Tourist attractions 1.Access to Amami Oshima Island 1-1. Airplane Narita / Haneda / Itami / Fukuoka / Kagoshima / Naha 4-2. Ship 11 hours from Kagoshima New Port 13 hours from Naha Port ▼Access to Amami Oshima https://www.amami-tourism.org/en/access/ 2.Amami Oshima Island sightseeing spot 2-1.On the verge of ...

Innojoufuta is beautiful even at dusk@Tokuno-shima Island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

Tokuno-shima Island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

I was doing island hopping in the Amami Islands. Next to “Okinoerabu-jima island”, I went to Tokuno-shima Island by ferry. On Tokunoshima, They do not correspond to English much... It might be better to visit with friends who can speak Japanese. 1. Access to Tokunoshima (Direction) 2. Tourist spots in Tokunoshima 【Day 1】 3. Tourist spots in Tokunoshima 【Day 2】 4. 【MAP】the Amami Islands journey 1. Access to Tokunoshima (Direction) You can access by airplane and ferry. 1-1.Airplane 60 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Tokunoshima Airport 1-2.Ferry About 14 hours and half from Kagoshima Port About seven and a half ...

Okinoerabu-jima island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

Okinoerabu-jima island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

2017/08/13   -Kagoshima, Kyushu

I was doing island hopping in the Amami Islands. Next to "Yoron Island", I went to Okinoerabujima by ferry. 1. How do we get to Okinoerabujima? 2. What is the traffic in Okinoerabu Island? 3. Sightseeing spots of Okinoerabu-jima 【Day 1】 4. Sightseeing spots of Okinoerabu-jima 【Day 2】 5. Map of the Amami Islands journey 1. How do we get to Okinoerabujima? From Yoron Island to Okinoerabujima (Wadomaru Port), I took a ferry over about an hour and 40 minutes. There are also means to fly from Kagoshima and Naha(Okinawa). Of course it is also possible to access by ferry ...

Yoron Port in Yoron Island

Yoron Island Tourism(Kagoshima)

Yoron Island is a subtropical island encircled by coral reefs. Because the Amami Islands do not correspond to English much, You need ingenuity in communication. 1. How to get to Yoron Island(access) 2. What is the traffic in Yoron Island? 3. Recommended for Yoron Island! Attractions 【Day 1】 4. Recommended for Yoron Island! Attractions 【Day 2】 5. Yoron Island included! Amami Islands Travel Map 1. How to get to Yoron Island(access) 1-1.Airplane 【Naha Airport - Yoron Airport】 40 minutes 【Kagoshima Airport - Yoron Airport】 1 hour 15 minutes 【Amami Airport - Yoron Airport】 45 minutes 【Amami Airport - Okinoerabu Airport】 ...

Beppu station@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Oita · Beppu【3 nights 4days】I Recommend these spots

2017/03/03   -Kyushu, Oita

I traveled by airplane from Narita Airport to Oita Airport in October 2016. I traveled around sightseeing spots in Oita Prefecture,Beppu. Even if it does not become a "model course", I am happy if I can help you. 【Day1】Kannawa Onsen(Spa) Oita Airport There is "footbath" at the airport, and you can eat specialty dishes. Just passing is wasteful! ▼Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa) Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa) ↓ Bus ↓ Beppu station Bus ↓ Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs ▼Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita) 【Day2】To Hita and Mameda via Tuetate Onsen This is a recommended course with car rental. You can ...

Umi-jigoku(sea hell)@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

This day was the last day of 3 nights 4 days Oita journey (Kannawa Onsen/ Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Hita・Mameda-machi/Mabashi-Belly→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei). I took a walk about 8 hours by bus and walking in Beppu city. I am glad to be of service to you. 【Start】Beppu Station The bronze statue is "KumaHachi Abuyraya" which is loved as a beneficiary of Beppu, sightseeing father of Beppu. He has a slightly quirky appearance. It is an image that he has come down from heaven and calls "Hey!". ↓ Tourist bus (pink color) ↓ Myoban area Okamotoya Shop You can eat the original "Jigoku-Mushi Pudding(hell ...


Mabashi-Belly→Buffet of Yamakuni Road Station→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei→Hot Spa near Beppu Station (Oita)

2017/02/11   -Kyushu, Oita, 未分類

I will return to Beppu with sightseeing , after Hita (Mameda Town). I recommended this plan for touring(motor cycle) or drive. Mabashi-Belly I decided to take a stroll through "Mabashi-Belly" which is also called "Takachiho" of Yamakuni. The landscape of Mabashi-Belly and "Nenbutu-bashi Bridge" was lovely. You can see the emerald green heart here!! Hadaka Rice Terrace Lunch Biking at "Road Station Yamakuni" was from 11 o'clock so I went to Hadaka Rice Terrace. It was in "Autumn of Japan". Buffet of Road Station Ymakuni You can eat side dishes that are using local ingredients in a buffet style. Tempura ...

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk

Hita・Mameda-machi Sightseeing At Sunset(Oita)

I made a long stay at "Tuetate Onsen" and arrived in Hita after 16 o'clock. I went sightseeing sightseeing of "Hita · Mameda-machi" which was the place directly under the Edo shogunate. Local food "Hita Yakisoba(fried noodles)" There is a unique "Yakisoba(fried noodles)" in Hita. I ate "Hita Yakisoba(fried noodles)" at Mikuma-hanten(みくま飯店) Let's try it!! ▼日田やきそば研究会 http://hitayakisoba.com/ Pine tree like clouds(叢雲(むらくも)の松) of Kuma Yasaka Shrine Characters are engraved in the Torii of "Kuma Yasaka Shrine". This "pine tree like cloud(叢雲(むらくも)の松)" was overwhelming. Like a crawl on the ground, the pine stretched out a branch beside it, and it looked like ...

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