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ramen@What to do in kichijoji(Musashino-shi,Tokyo)

What to do in kichijoji(Musashino-shi,Tokyo)

Kichijoji is located on the west side of Tokyo. To access from the city center is good, but it has rich natural. There are many unique shops a, you can enjoy shopping,too. I recommend you "What to do in kichijoji". 1.To stroll the Inokashira Park You can reach walk to the south about 10 minutes from Kichijoji Station. Let's walk around the Inokashira pond,with sunshine filtering through foliage. 2.Let's pray the Inokashira benzaiten 3.Let's wash your money in Inokashira benzaiten It is said that, if you wash the money,your property is aggrandize! 4.Let's take the boat in Inokashira park Inokashira ...

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