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Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring

Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring

2018/03/09   -Japan Foods

"Wagashi" is traditional Japanese sweets. We express the seasonal scenes in sweets. Sweets change according to the season. From the beginning of March to April, sweets expressing "cherry blossoms" line up at the shop front. They are delicious Japanese arts that you can get in hundreds of yen. I will introduce such "Sakura Wagasi(cherry sweets)". 1.Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring 2.Where can I buy the Wagashi? 1.Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring 1-1.Shikino-kokoro Yoshino-Zakura 1-2.Nama-kashi Nama-kashi is not long-lasting. Seasonal feeling is expressed in Nama-kashi. There are almost palm-sized It expresses "spring" with flowers. 1-3.Doumyouzi 1-4.Dango 1-5.Sakura-mochi 2.Where can I buy ...

saga food

Saga's specialty dish(Food)

2018/01/09   -Japan Foods, Kyushu, Saga

There are specialties in Japan by the land. I will introduce the special dish of Saga. 1. Saga city area 1-1.Sicilian Rice Speaking of local gourmet in Saga city, "Sicilian rice". On top of hot cooked rice, stir-fried meat and vegetables are served and mayonnaise is put on the basic form. ▼More(Japanese language) http://sicilianrice.com/ 1-2.Champon Champon is a dish of noodles with seafood, vegetables, etc. Kitagata town(Takeo City Saga Prefecture) once flourished as a "coal mine". Champon was nutritious,a lot of quantity. So it was loved by working men work for "coal mine". The taste is inherited even after "coal ...

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