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I’ll share what to do & to see in Japan.

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Welcome to “I LOVE JAPAN”.

“I LOVE JAPAN” is run by Ikebukuro Geek, who was born and raised near Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

Ikebukuro Geek loves traveling.
I’m traveling to Japan and Asia.
I have created a site to share Japan in English so that I can convey Japan to many people.

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Ikebukuro Geek is a Ikebukuro Private Tour Guide

In addition to operating the site, I also guide private tours in Ikebukuro, my hometown, in order to directly convey Japan.
Recently, I have also started an online tour.

▼IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek

IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
かんたんな英語で発信しています。英語が得意でなくとも、池袋好きなら楽しめます。きっと。Ikebukuro Geek, who was born and raised along the Seibu Ikebukuro line, share

▼Private Tour and Online Tour by Geek

Ikebukuro Private Tour and Online Tour by Geek

▼Listen to My Japanese History

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