Mr. Fuji in (not from) Tokyo,You can climb Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka)


I do not introduce how to go to mount fuji from tokyo.
But I introduce “Fuji-duka,(means”Miniature Fuji)” in Tokyo.
You can climb Miniature Fuji in Tokyo!!

1.Why “Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka)” was created?

“Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka)” was made artificially by imitating “Fuji” in the Edo period by “Fuji-kou” which is an organization of “Fuji Faith”.
For those who can not really climb Mt. Fuji for various reasons, “Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka)” was made.
If you climb “Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka)”, you get the same benefit as climbing Mt. Fuji!

2.”Fuji-duka” that you can climb at any time

2-1.Shinagawa Fuji in Shinagawa shrine

Shinagawa Fuji(Shinagawa-shrine))
Shinagawa Shrine itself is also interesting, such as big-torii where the dragon snagged, and “Ana Inagi daimyojin” which has many red torii.

→【More】Fuji climbing!? at Shinagawa shrine(Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo)

2-2.Sendagaya Fuji in the Hatomori-Hachiman jinjya shrine

First, Visit the main hall of "Hatomori Hachiman Jinjya Shrine"
The 「鳩」 of 「鳩森八幡神社(「Hato」mori Hachiman Shrine)」 means “pigeon”.
So Omikuji is also a “pigeon”.(* ̄ー ̄*)

→【More】Climbing Sendagaya Fuji at the Hatomori-Hachiman jinjya shrine! (Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

2-3.Otowa Fuji in Gokoku-ji Temple

Mountain climbing "Otowa Fuji" at Gokoku-ji Temple(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka) located in the precincts of the temple is unusual.
You can enjoy together large statue of Buddha,Buddha statue, cats in Gokoku-ji Temple.
→【More】Mountain climbing “Otowa Fuji” at Gokoku-ji Temple(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

2-4.Komagome Fuji” in Fuji Shrine

Climbing "Komagome Fuji" at Fuji Shrine (Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo)
“Komagome Fuji” is close to “Rikugien Gardens”, known for its beauty of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

→【More】Climbing “Komagome Fuji” at Fuji Shrine (Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo)

2-5.Jujo Fujiduka in Jujo Fuji Shrine

Climbing Jujo Fujiduka at Jujo Fuji Shrine
You can enjoy “Climbing Mount Fuji” in the Jujo area within walking distance from Oji Shrine and Oji Inari shrine.

→【More】After climbing Jujo Fujiduka at Jujo Fuji Shrine, walking around jujo (Kita-ku, Tokyo)

2-6.Nakazato’s Fuji-duka next to Yasaka shrine

I climbed Fuji-duka(Mt. Fuji Miniature) of Nakazato(Nerima-ku,Tokyo)
It takes about one hour to get on a train and bus from Ikebukuro station.

→【More】Nakazato’s Fuji-duka(Mt. Fuji Miniature)Nerima-ku, Tokyo

“Fuji-duka” that can climb【for a limited time only】

“Fuji-duka” that you can climb only several times a year, such as “New Year” or “Mountain opening day”.
Because the chance of climbing is limited, do not miss it.

Ekoda Fuji in Sengen Shrine

Ekoda Fuji (Sengen Shrine)! Climb Mt. Fuji in Tokyo (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)
You can get there by train from Ikebukuro station in about 10 minutes
You can worship at the public three times a year (New Year’s Three Days, July 1st of Yama-biraki(open mountain), 2nd Saturday and Sunday of September).

→【More】Ekoda Fuji (Sengen Shrine)! Climb Mt. Fuji in Tokyo (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

▼ねりまで富士登山!富士塚特集|ねりま大好き!練馬観光協会(Nerima-ku sighet seeing offcial site)

Hakusan Fuji in Hakusan Shrine

"Fuji-duka" of Hakusan Shrine
【Limited hydrangea festival】You can climb the Fuji-duka.

→【More】Hydrangea(Ajisai-flower) at Hakusan Shrine(Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo)


【Map】Miniature Fuji(fuji-duka) in Tokyo